Chris Williams Football Academy

The Chris Williams Football Academy (“CWFA”) operates in Wythenshawe, South Manchester and is run by Chris Williams, a former professional footballer who has maintained his links to Manchester’s first-class football clubs.

250 fee-paying young people attend the academy (boys up to age 15 and girls up to age 13) on an annual programme of four 12-week sessions enabling them to maximise their potential and develop their skills. Three young players from the academy have been signed by Manchester City.

Chris Williams believes that exercise, routine, discipline (leading to self-discipline) and mutual support enable young people to develop their social skills, confidence and wellbeing. His courses involve time in the classroom as well as time and experience on the playing field. The classroom ethos is based on the NHS change4life/Activities.

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Our involvement in the project…

The Crosslane Foundation has agreed to sponsor CFWA for two annual seasons so it can provide programmes free of charge to 30 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or disengaged young people from the local area. The Foundation trustees anticipate this will provide young people who may not be academically gifted but have other potential skills to be developed to provide a wider range of future life opportunities. Funding from the Foundation provides training, coaches, referees, pitch hire, transport, nutritionist and kit with shirts and tracksuits bearing the Crosslane Foundation logo being provided for use by all CWFA team members. The uptake by local young people to date has been very good, averaging around just under 30 per session. All participants, whether sponsored or fee-paying, are eligible to be chosen to play for any of the CWFA teams and it has been encouraging to see this actually happening.
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8 to 15 years old

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Crosslane have gave individuals a chance to be coached at a high level while giving them the opportunity to be looked at by professional clubs.
Chris Williams, CWFA

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