Kasupe, Malawi

Kasupe aims to advance education, reduce poverty, improve skills and promote good health in Malawi, East Africa. Initiatives are also designed to benefit the wider community through sustainable enterprises.

Kasupe has achieved the construction of the St Cyprian Primary School at Chigonere, near Monkey Bay in Malawi. Bee keeping, farming, sewing, carpentry and a goat breeding programme are all examples of Kasupe initiatives that have upskilled the local Chigonere community enabling it to become more resilient and self-sufficient. Kasupe has also provided skills and management to improve the extraction of ground water supplies for the school and village. To bolster sustainability Kasupe is considering a number of projects that involve attracting foreign visitors to stay in purpose-built chalets in the school grounds from which they can support the school and tour the local area. In addition, Kasupe has recently undertaken the construction of a second primary school located in Dowa, near Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

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Our involvement in the project…

Crosslane’s relationship with Kasupe began in 2013 when Crosslane provided funds to help Kasupe construct additional classrooms, administration and kitchen buildings at the Kasupe St Cyprian Primary School and, since this time, pre-school classes have also been added. The primary school is fully operational with the first original intake of pupils due to leave and pass onto secondary school in 2020. The Crosslane Foundation is considering how it can continue to support Kasupe, enabling it to be self-sufficient in maintaining the fabric of the St Cyprian Primary School buildings, ensure the continued advancement of children through the school, and enable the local community to be sustainable.
Whilst the Founders are seeking to identify further opportunities to continue to support Kasupe, having realised the success of this initiative, this encouraged them to identify how the Foundation could support young people closer to home, and in particular the Manchester area, local to the Crosslane Group office. As a result, the Trustees have identified initial projects which involve supporting existing charities whose aims are to benefit and enhance the skills, knowledge, education and advancement of young people living in Salford and Manchester.
Project target:


Project location:

Chigonere, Malawi, Africa

Project beneficiaries:

5 to 11 years old

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Working with The Crosslane Foundation CIO fulfils my lifelong passion in creating resilient and sustainable communities, a concept which will be replicated in other villages to relieve poverty in third world countries, Malawi in particular
Davy Chilakalaka, Founder

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